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P.S. 279 Classes 4-319A, 4-306 and the Ai Elementary School, Japan

These photographs were taken between December of 2002 and March of 2003. We received information regarding a Japanese school that was looking to send "Exchange Students" to the United States. On December 7, 2002, our new friends, Michael and Daichicki arrived, bearing gifts, to start their new adventure. They brought letters of introduction from our Japanese friends and a storybook translated into English and many origami figures.



Miss Fishman and her students welcome Michael to the UnitedStates. Here he is making new friends.



The students of class 4-319A show Michael around theclassroom. He looks like he's having fun.


Mrs. Camarda and class 4-306 welcome Daichicki to their room. Everyone was excited to meet their new classmate! Daichicki means 'Big Luck' in Japanese.



Our "Exchange Students", Jessica and Lucky are getting ready for their trip to Japan. This is so exciting!

Our students posed with Lucky as they get him ready for the long trip to Japan. Lucky wore his baseball cap and silver necklace. He took with him mosaic American Flag posters made by our students. Jessica held the American Flag as she prepared for the flight.