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P.S. 279

Izzy & Glory

Class 4-305 hosted an inchworm named Izzy and a bear named Glory for a week. These stuffed animals learned about what it's like going to school and living in Brooklyn. The children of 4-305 kept a journal of what they did with their visiting guests. When the stuffed animals return to their class in Elroy, Wisconsin, they will also take back their memories of their enthusiastic hosts.

Izzy & Glory have been fun visitors. We went to gym together and we ate lunch with them. Some people even got to take them home! We even made up a book with pictures with them and some people wrote paragraphs about them. We are very glad that we were one of the classes chosen to spend time with them.

Autumn A4-305

It was very fun having Izzy and Glory at our school P.S. 279. We did Science, Reading, and took them home. We ate lunch with them and took them to the gym. I really enjoyed having Izzy and Glory visit.

Trevor 4-305