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crisis plan

P.S. 279
Crisis Plan

October 2003

Re: Crisis Plan at P.S. 279

To address your concerns regarding our readiness to respond to emergencies and crises, my staff has reviewed our safety plan and developed a crisis plan to maintain the safety and security of all persons in the school.

Please make certain you read and review the information about emergency responses as they are sent home. Please discuss these issues with your family and make sure you have your own personal crisis plans at home.

At P.S. 279, the two issues we face are building evacuation and a crisis when it is more prudent to remain rather than leave. In the event of an evacuation, classes will leave as a "class" or group. They will report to the following sites if such a situation exists.

Main Building

Grades K & 1 will walk to the P.S. 279 Annex (100-01 Flatlands Avenue)

(Ms. Bracco, Assistant Principal, P.S. 279, will be in charge.

Grades 2, 3, 4 & 5 -will walk to I.S. 211 (10001 East 100th Street) (

Mrs. Maryann Wasmuth, Assistant Principal, will be in charge.

All physically challenged (non-ambulatory, etc.) will report to I.S. 211.

Annex - will walk to Holy Family Elementary School (Flatlands Avenue between East 98 Street and Conklin Avenue)( Mrs. Berman, Teacher in charge, will be in charge.

In the event of an emergency when there is no evacuation and you need to pick up your child, I am asking that you follow the procedures that we have in our plan as outlined below:

1. Use the main entrance to enter ; information charts will be posted which will

outline procedures.

2. Parents will be able to access information from information tables at the entrance.

3. Parents will be sent two areas: the gym and the main student lunchroom.

4. Parents/Guardians must show identification and know the classroom and/or teacher in the gym area.

5. Children will be sent for while parents wait in the lunchroom.

6. Parents will sign the discharge note to pick up their child(ren).

7. Leave from the students' lunchroom (Exit 4) which exits to e. 103rd street. This procedure must be followed to maintain the flow of parental traffic and the security of the main entrance.

Together with the crisis team we feel that this plan will maintain school security and student safety. Our safety and crisis teams consist of security personnel, counselors, nurses, administrators, secretarial and custodial staffs. We want to take this opportunity to inform you and reassure you that all is being done to meet the unknown events which may or may not occur. As always, the P.S. 279 parental community has been generous in many ways and we hope that you will be able to assist us in the event of a crisis.

Thanks to the School Leadership Team of Parents and Teachers for their input and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lena Richardson

Principal, IA